The answer to maximizing your athletic performance and staying injury-free is here.


IPIM is a specialized sports physical therapy and performance diagnostic facility established in February 2015. This Inland Empire facility aims to equip active individuals with precise and efficient movement for their sport or lifestyle. IPIM provides an evidence-based movement system that will guide an athlete to achieve an injury-reduced, high-functioning level. A structured and progressive plan helps individuals achieve their sport-specific goals with use of a high-speed motion capture system, electromyography, and other innovative and quantifiable devices.

The mission is:

1. To increaseawareness in young athletes regarding their body mechanics and teach them the importance of safe and efficient movement

2. To provide an interactive platform for athletes throughout the Inland Empire in which they can learn how to maximize their athletic potential

IPIM Principles:

We envision the human body as a well-tuned sports car, built for precision and efficiency. If a single section of the vehicle is not functioning optimally, the performance of that car will suffer over time and may eventually lead to a breakdown in the future. At IPIM, we believe that these “breakdowns,” rather injuries, can be minimized through proper education and precise movement training. Our job is to embed these four fundamental principles to all athletes that are ready to take their body and mind to the next level.

  • Safe movement
    Safe Movement Patterns (brakes)
  • Efficient athletic
    Efficient Athletic Performance and Recovery (efficient engine)
  • Proven evidence
    Proven, Evidence-based Information (informed driver)
  • Complete brain
    Complete Brain-Body Connection (electrical connections)