The answer to maximizing your athletic performance and staying injury-free is here.


  • Mike Powell

    Mike Powell

    Former track and field athlete and long jump Olympic medalist, current long jump world record holder

    “I have gone through a number of different exercise programs in my years of training however this one [at IPIM] is different. The system allows you to see your progress and keeps you on track. I have now learned about how my body is supposed to move …and understand what it means to have true functional strength. If only I had known this before! My body has NEVER felt this good. Watch out! Every athlete needs to be doing this… I have even added in the same principles to my athletes when I’m coaching them. ”

  • Amanda Kirtley

    Amanda Kirtley

    Collegiate volleyball libero at University of California Berkeley (from San Bernardino)

    “My experience [at IPIM] has been completely different than many other places I’ve been to. The environment is much more personal and one on one compared to others. I am getting a physical therapist’s attention dedicated only to me…which ensures that my therapy is the most effective form possible. During my sessions, I have learned the importance of using proper form at all times in order to prevent future injuries and play to my maximum potential. After of just a couple months of therapy, I’ve been able to retrain my body and break habits that I’ve had since I was about 11 years old. I’ve seen drastic improvements in the level my body allows me to perform at.”

  • Kevin Leeper

    Kevin Leeper

    High School basketball athlete at Loma Linda Academy (Graduated)

    “Now, when I play, I feel like I have more power in my jumpshot and my knees don’t feel beat up afterwards.”

    Wendy Hetherington

    Avid runner (Redlands, CA)

    "I came to IPIM with severe IT Band issues and weak glutes. I was unable to run without pain, which affected my form. Pete worked one-on-one with me to tailor progressively challenging exercises to help me activate, strengthen and use my glutes. I'm now back to running and feel/use my glutes all the time. It's amazing! I highly recommend going to IPIM for any athlete looking for maximizing their potential."