The answer to maximizing your athletic performance and staying injury-free is here.

Progressive & Systematic

In order for an athlete to reach optimum performance, a structured rehabilitation and training plan must be utilized. The Progressive and Systematic element of the Institute for Precision In Movement (IPIM) program guides the athlete as they strive for the highest level of athletic performance. The structured and system-oriented blueprint allows for the body to achieve optimal function in the most efficient manner.

The steps include :

1. Muscular Activation

In this initial stage, the athlete gains flexibility in the targeted area(s) of their body that was identified in the biomechanical assessment of their movement. These isolation exercises, performed over a period of two to three weeks, increase the ability of the athlete to activate the proper muscles for their particular sport.

2. Strengthening

This step, which can last six to eight weeks, builds on the activation process by improving the strength and power of the targeted muscles through dynamic, functional and resistive movements.

3. Movement Training

The final eight weeks of the program focuses on movement re-education with additional strength, power and endurance exercises. This last stage integrates the necessary movement patterns and neuromuscular control for maximized athletic potential in an athlete’s desired sport.