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Running Analysis

Although running is an excellent form of exercise, it is associated with a high risk for injury (Fields et al 2010). These injuries, typically relating to an overuse injury, have been linked to a multifactorial cause. At IPIM, we believe that faulty repetitive movements during a running activity can contribute to a person’s pain or dysfunction. The running analysis can identify of any running-related movement impairments with use of a state-of-the-art software that can measure a runner’s body joint angles during motion. Coupled with additional musculoskeletal tests and measures, a diagnostic report will be developed to inform the runner of their potential deficits.


- The recreational or competitive runner experiencing pain during running
– The motivated runner looking to minimize their risk for injury and maximize their running potential


1. To identify potential running-related movement risk factors
2. To improve running efficiency
3. To learn and develop an optimized and individualized running pattern