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Sport-Specific Movement Analysis (Running, Cycling, Throwing, Team Sports)


Post-Operative Rehab (i.e. ACL Reconstruction), Return-To-Sport Program and Testing (ThrowingJumping)


Biomechanical Performance Training (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer)

Sports-Focused Fitness Group Classes

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Our Unique Approach To Provide Efficient and Individualized Results

  • Progressive & Systematic Program


    Using a progressive and proven system, we will efficiently GUIDE and EDUCATE the athlete to achieve their sport-specific goals.

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  • One-On-One With A Movement Specialist


    We, as movement diagnosticians, determine the movement CAUSE and PROVIDE FAST RESULTS and a LONG-TERM FIX.

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  • Technology & Innovation


    With use of high-end technology, we will accurately IDENTIFY THE PRIMARY DEFICITS in an athlete’s movement performance and objectively TRACK YOUR PROGRESS.

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Performance Diagnostics with use of Measureable Technology.

  • Measure devices
  • Measurement platform

Objectivity and Specificity To Reach Your Needs With Precision.

  • Report
  • Timeline
  • Exercise Prescription

We work with all types of athletes:

To identify their risk for injury and optimize their performance

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