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Body Performance Evaluation

Power, speed, agility, and endurance are necessary tools for an athlete to function at a high level. To achieve maximal athletic gains, one must be able to quantify their performance at the start and efficiently progress accordingly based on the appropriate baseline measurements obtained in the Body Performance Evaluation. The tests and measures can be geared towards the athlete’s desired sport.


- The athlete looking to establish their performance measures (i.e. vertical jump height)
– The individual looking to maximize their athletic potential and body efficiency


1. To objectify an athlete’s performance metrics for baseline measures

a. Measurements of height, weight, wingspan, vertical jump and body fat percentage
b. Muscle flexibility and strength measures
c. Proprioception and balance tests
d. Timed agility tests
e. Functional endurance tests

2. To assess an individual’s muscular performance with use of surface electromyography (sEMG)