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Injury Risk Assessment

All too often, we see athletes from all levels deal with nagging injuries during the course of a season. Some even suffer a season-ending injury, which can negatively impact the person both physically and mentally. If assessed and addressed early enough prior to the start of a season, most non-contact injuries can be minimized through a movement-specific assessment. The Injury Risk Assessment can be beneficial in determining whether an athlete will be at risk for a future minor or major non-contact injury.


- The athlete who is looking to assess their risk for injury (typically performed prior to the start of a season)

- The coach, parent, or athletic director looking to identify any potential risks for any non-contact (i.e. ACL tear) or overuse injuries (i.e. patellar tendinitis) in their student athletes


1. To identify potential sport-related movement risk factors that may predispose an athlete to an overuse or non-contact injury
2. To assist physicians, coaches and parents in determining an athlete’s preparedness to participate in a sport