The answer to maximizing your athletic performance and staying injury-free is here.

Precise Movement Training

All training programs are not created equal. Some programs focus on improving flexibility and building strength, while others include skill-specific training to maximize an athlete’s skill set. The Precise Movement Training is a movement-based training program designed by a sports movement expert to efficiently target the individual’s specific weaknesses and maximize their sport-specific movement skill. The progressive task breakdown and sport-specific context makes this movement training program unique.


- The athlete looking for efficient and measureable results
– The individual looking for a specialized, progressive and sport-specific program


1. To maximally prepare the athlete for the demands of athletic competition or leisure sport
2. To optimize muscular strength, power, speed and agility in the context of an individual’s sport
3. To reduce biomechanical risk factors related to injury and inefficient movement

a. To facilitate learning and progress, the training will utilize various forms of feedback using motion-capture video, muscle activation sensors, and other innovative devices

Precise Movements