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Return To Sport Assessment

The return from injury is a difficult and daunting process for athletes, at which many do not fully return to their previous level of athleticism. The specialists at IPIM place a unique importance on the prevention of a recurring injury rather than only focusing on the post-surgical impairments. Too often athletes, even in the professional ranks, are not taught to be mindful of their body movements in regards to minimizing future injury or re-injury. The return-to-sport assessment identifies an athlete’s preferred movement strategies in the lower or upper body that may increase their risk for re-injury. After the dysfunctions are identified, the athlete will be given a scored report of their readiness to return to their desired sport.


- The athlete who is unsure if he or she is ready to return to their sport after an injury or surgery (i.e. ACL reconstruction)
– The recovered athlete who wants to be physically tested for their readiness to withstand the demands of their sport


1. To assess an athlete’s readiness to return to their sport
2. To assist physicians, coaches and parents in their decision to return their athlete back to their sport by measuring their risk for re-injury